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Check out our photo gallery below including all teams from Kindergarten through 8th grade. To contact our Head Coaches or Board members directory scroll down or swipe up.

Meet the Board

Jason Jones


Britt Kennett

Vice President

Stefanie Driscoll


Donna Becker


Robert Devers

Girls Athletic Director

Justin Kennett

Boys Athletic Director

Robert Walls

Boys Athletic Director

Beth Knapp-Reed

Member at Large

Stephanie Kolea

Member at Large

Stacey Lopez

Website Administrator

What you gain



Developing youth athletes by teaching the skills, tactics and strategies of the game in a fun and positive environment.
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Encouraging youth athletes to give back to the community through kindness, selfless acts of charity and good deeds.
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Promoting good sportsmanship at all times among youth athletes, parents, coaches and administrators.

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